My Terms are simple and straightforward.  If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to Contact Me.  Wheelbound Productions was originally created to help small businesses afford to get a website of their own at an affordable price and will remain that way.

By employing Bryan’s Services through Wheelbound Productions you agree to the following terms:


Wheelbound Productions will NOT create websites that contain Mature Content, Sexually Explicit Content, Misleading information, Spam or Scam websites and it is at Bryan Lutgen’s sole descresion if the site is deemed appropriate enough for services.

No Refunds will be provided for Wheelbound Production Services.  All the work that Bryan Lutgen puts into these websites/computer builds/security/data/etc is purely done to help companies achieve a goal they were unable to in the past- get something affordable.  If you need a website at an affordable price, Wheelbound Productions is the place to get it.  Most services Bryan provides is priced at $50/hr (depending on the job) and all other costs will be discussed before start of project.  If a project is not completed to client’s specifications, client must purchase more “Hours” of service before changes can be made.

If you are looking for Bryan to work full time for your company and would like his resume, please send an email to with Specific details, Location(s), and Reimbursement offer.  Serious inquiries only.


Sorry for all the legal stuff.  I have been burned too many times in the past with companies not wanting to pay for services I have already performed and other companies that want websites built for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

I take some pride in what I do and I’m sure you will agree with my terms.  Like I said before, please contact me if you have any questions regarding anything.



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