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Hi, my name is Bryan Lutgen.  After graduating from the University of Montana, I really wanted to do more than just have a normal “job.”  I wanted to help small businesses achieve a big goal- having a great website for their customers.  I have seen too many companies get ripped off by the bigger web-design companies out there.  You’ve seen those advertisements for “.99 cents for your own site”, but what they’re not telling you is how many fees are attached to every little thing.  If you want someone to help you get a site for your customers or need any marketing help, please don’t hesitate to give me a call so I can help.  (406) 858-0255

-I hope to hear from you soon  🙂

Past experience:
– Business Degree from the University of Montana
– Web designer
– Chief Information Officer
– Office Manager
– Teacher (IT related field)
– T3 Technical Support

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Bryan Lutgen

I have to answer questions every day from people who get confused when they either see me standing or in my chair. I usually don’t mind telling my long story, but if you’re curious, here are some quick facts:

– I had trouble running/walking as a kid
– Feet and leg surgery in high school
– Substantial damage from surgery
– 2 years after pin removal, my feet started breaking down
– Feet, legs, hip bones all deteriorating slowly
– Doctors have no fix for me

I still get to choose to have a good attitude despite the constant pain and judgemental stares I get every day. God has a plan, and I have been blessed with a great family 🙂. I will take every day that I can stand as a blessing from God, and when that ability is taken from me, I will still be grateful for the life he has given me.