A Brief Look at Wooden Conservatories

Wooden conservatories can add an extremely stylish and modern aesthetic to your home, garden or business. Traditionally, conservatories were made out of wood because it was the only material that was readily available to build large structures from. However, with the advances in technology there are now a number of other materials that you can use to your conservatory, including aluminium, plastic and glass. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to maintenance, but all are cheaper than wood and they offer a similar amount of UV protection. In this article I will discuss wooden conservatories and their advantages over the other options available.


Wood is a natural occurring substance and is known to be one of the strongest natural materials around wooden conservatories. This means that wooden conservatories are very durable and resistant to many types of damage. Some forms of wood may become more susceptible to weathering after some time, but this generally depends on the type of wood and the climate where the conservatory is situated. Some conservatories can also be sided with additional panels of glass to help protect the interior from sunlight, although most will still come equipped with wooden panels and polycarbonate roofing. A wooden conservatory is therefore an extremely versatile building which can last for generations if properly maintained.


The main advantage that glass has over wooden conservatories is the amount of light that it permits into the property. Most people prefer to keep the amount of natural daylight as close to 15 per cent of the day as possible, although depending on your home’s position, you may want more light and be willing to invest in some additional solar lighting to make up for it. In general, glass conservatories allow more light into the home because of the fact that they let sunlight in through slits. However, some people prefer the look of wooden conservatories because of the added style it gives their home and because it looks more natural and traditional.


Wooden conservatories come in a variety of different colours, although white is the most popular. You can usually find conservatories constructed with a combination of oak, pine and other materials which have a natural look to them. Because they are generally built on the outside of a home, they can sometimes cause an increase in house prices as they are considered to be a status symbol, especially if the conservatory is situated outside the home. In addition to this, they provide excellent insulation to keep the temperature balanced inside the home during the summer months, although this may not always be the case due to external factors.


Wooden conservatories are generally much less expensive to build than their aluminium counterparts. This is mainly because they are less complex to install and tend to be cheaper to heat. It is important to remember however that the heating costs will depend on the type of wood used to build the conservatory. People who live in an area where it is cold in the winter would be advised to buy a winter conservatory rather than a summer one because they are designed to withstand the cold. Aluminium conservatories on the other hand are perfect for those who love the warm weather and who want a conservatory which will allow them to enjoy the sun during the summer months.


One of the main reasons why people consider buying a wooden conservatory is to create a focal point in their home. They can be decorated however you like as they are considered to be a classic style. Many modern conservatories do not have any decorations at all and function solely as a heating and cooling unit for the home. Before you decide to buy one of these, you should consider all of the options available to you.

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